Stay connected without data roaming

With sobleep avoid expensive data roaming costs while travelling.
Always get access to the data you want, with no need for an Internet connection.

What is it?

sobleep is a mobile platform that interacts with a remote server and aims to provide information to customers when they don’t have access to a data connection.

We enable the customer to send and receive complex data through the phone network.

By downloading the app, the customer will be able to formulate several type of requests. We elaborate a coded SMS, the customer sends it to our server and then receives a reply which has been remotely generated by our “bleep brain”.

sobleep is structured to give fast automated responses, therefore if the response requested is not satisfactory, please try again with another request. If you are not satisfied again, please contact our support team.


sobleep aims to solve three problems

  • Excessive data roaming charges
  • Language barriers for travelers
  • Availability of information in all conditions when an internet connection is not available
  • Quickness of the search processes to get information


Prices may vary depending on the network. The cost of the request can be broken down in two parts:

  • The price of sending an SMS to our “brain”.
  • The price of our services is measured in “bleeps”. Bleeps are purchased on our mobile platform. Prices vary depending on the amount of bleeps purchased.